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Right to Privacy or Taken too far?

Just as we discussed last week in class whether or not we should know when and where the cameras are that can record us, it seems as though another local school is in the news for the reason we discussed. … Continue reading

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Would Cyber Crimes Still Occur had Cyber Space Been Created Earlier?

In today’s world, we see that Internet crime is one of the leading types of crimes occurring in the United States. There have been several national cases of cyber bullying, most notably the story of nearby South Hadley student Phoebe … Continue reading

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Remaining Unbiased

In class on Tuesday, we discussed the role that the Amherst Police Department had in the riots that surrounded the famed celebration of “Blarney,” an Amherst tradition that occurs in the weekend leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. It was … Continue reading

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Technology in the Classrooms

To begin discussing technology and some different ways in which it affects our education, I searched some general articles that indeed show how our education is affected by the increase in technology. Some may argue that it brings up so much information … Continue reading

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