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Response to Professor Arthur S. Keane’s Research Analysis

The paper titled “Students as Neo-Liberal Subjects: A Guide to How Millenials Learn Eighteen Talking Points” was very eye opening and interesting in my development of maturing and my college experience. While reading the document I noted many of the … Continue reading

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Reinterpretation of Social Media: Revival of Facebook

Social media, like other forms of entertainment start off in society having a common purpose. When it comes to social media, there are no exceptions. Social media is prone to society’s influence regardless of the creators intended goals. With that … Continue reading

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Surveillance Camera Man: A Man with a Subtle, Interpreted Purpose.

In 2013, a Youtube phenomenon circulated its users, this video subscriber was titled, “Surveillance Camera Man” and his impact was massive to those who looked past the basic concept of the videos and saw the message he was trying to … Continue reading

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