Due Thursday, Oct. 16

This assignment will require that you do some research. Most of your grade will be based on how good that research is. Please do not stop at the first website that Google returns to you on a search. Also, please remember that Wikipedia, by itself, is not a trustworthy source. Remember the golden rule about sources: use the best available source for whatever information you are seeking. In other words, start your research by asking yourself the following two questions:

  • What type of information do I need to answer this question?
  • What is the best available source for this particular piece of information?

THE ASSIGNMENT: On page 22, the authors of “Democracy and the Net” (one of our readings for this week) divide the Middle Eastern countries into three tiers, in terms of their level of government control over the Internet. This text was written in 2002, before the Arab Spring, before Web 2.0, before Facebook & Twitter, etc. Where are these countries now? Can you still divide them into those three categories? The authors list 14 countries; please thoroughly research at least five of these countries. Have they relaxed their control of the Internet? If so, has the increased access to Internet brought more democracy and economic growth? If not, why not?

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