Due Tuesday, Sept. 9

TWO HOMEWORKS (one graded, one not):

1) Reflection paper: What lessons should journalism learn from other industries?

In your answer, please draw explicitly on at least three articles from one or more of these professional sources: Nieman Reports, Nieman Journalism Lab, Poynter, Columbia Journalism Review, American Journalism Review, and PressThink.

2) Please familiarize yourselves with this blog. In order for you to be able to post your own entries into the blog, you will need to register with WordPress.com. After you have registered, please email me to give me your WordPress username. (All I need is a message that says: “Hi Raz, I’m in your M,T&C class. I registered in WordPress. My username is JohnSmith13). If you already have a WordPress account, please send me your username. Please do this as soon as possible. As soon as I answered your email and have confirmed that you can now contribute in the blog, please feel free to post and comment.

When posting, please use the options WordPress offers to you in the ribbon above the actual message. Please use the quotation button when quoting a block of text, embed the links in the text, like I have done in the paragraph above (rather than pasting the links in the actual text), and use the bullet points when enumerating something. Also, make full use of the Upload/Insert function and, whenever possible, complement your text with relevant pictures and videos (always properly attributed, of course). For a more detailed primer on using WordPress, please check the Tech section.

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