(Sept. 17) All-Stars Alumni Panel

If you attend the event mentioned below, you can earn 5 bonus points toward your final grade.

The Journalism Program is organizing a Journalism All-Stars Alumni Panel with dinner between 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at Top of the Campus (10th floor of the Campus Center, overlooking the site of our new building!). Dress as you would for an interview and get great career advice and teh chance for some one-on-one conversation with Journalism graduates who are rocking the field. This event is by registration only. Please email Donna Vanasse on these dates: Seniors: starting tomorrow, Sept. 18; Juniors: starting Thursday, Sept. 20; Sophomores: starting Friday, Sept. 21; Freshmen: starting Monday, Sept. 24. Registration ends when we reach 70 students or on Sept. 26. Questions? Email Journalism Program Director Karen List.

(Sept. 17) Digital Materialities panel at Smith College

If you attend the talk mentioned below and you write a 1-2 page analysis of what these people said (and somehow relate that to our class discussions & readings), you can earn an extra 5 points toward the final grade.

Digital Materialities: New Media, Race, and Women’s Activism

Thursday, Sept. 20, 4:30 p.m., Stoddard Auditorium, Smith College.

(Sept. 12) Bournemouth University guest-speakers

On Thursday, Sept. 20, we will have two guest-speakers: Shelley Thompson and Darren Lilleker of Bournemouth University’s (UK) Media School. Here are their short bios:

“Dr Shelley J. Thompson teaches research methods and communications theory on the Public Relations and Politics & Media degrees at BU. Her teaching and research interests focus on the role of journalism in democracy (including online news) and the mediation of politics. She is also interested in science communications, and her PhD was on the framing of nanotechnology in US and UK broadsheets and their associated online editions.”

“Dr. Darren G. Lilleker is Director of the Centre for Public Communication and Senior Lecturer in The Media School, Bournemouth University. Dr Lilleker’s expertise is in public engagement in politics, and in particular how public engagement can be potentiated and facilitated using technological innovations. Dr Lilleker has published widely on the professionalisation and marketisation of political communication including the textbook Key Concepts in Political Communication (Sage, 2006), and Political Campaigning, Elections and the Internet (Routledge, 2011) and has co-edited The Marketing of Political Parties (MUP, 2006), Voters or Consumers (CSP, 2008) and Political Marketing in Comparative Perspective (MUP, 2005).”

(Sept. 7) Extra credit opportunity

If you attend the roundtable mentioned below and you write a 1-2 page analysis of what these people said (and somehow relate that to our class discussions & readings), you can earn an extra 5 points toward the final grade.

“Friday, October 26, 3-5 pm, 914 Campus Center, Roundtable on Technology, Gender, and Labor, with Christina Dunbar-Hester (Rutgers University), Melissa Gregg (University of Sydney), Gina Neff (University of Washington), and Thomas Streeter (University of Vermont). This is a magnificent and distinguished group of scholars on the cutting edge of
research in technology and culture, who’ll be joined by equally compelling UMass faculty as respondents and interlocutors. We’ll distribute a flyer as the date approaches, but do plan to attend.”


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