Surveillance Camera Man: A Man with a Subtle, Interpreted Purpose.

In 2013, a Youtube phenomenon circulated its users, this video subscriber was titled, “Surveillance Camera Man” and his impact was massive to those who looked past the basic concept of the videos and saw the message he was trying to portray. The synopsis of the 8 videos he has put out is simple: The nameless camera man goes out on the streets of Seattle and videotapes people. There are no constraints, no restrictions, the nameless man goes out and videotapes anyone and everyone from businessmen, to security guards, to pedestrians to homeless people, he does not discriminate.

That being said, as most people would guess, this person is not well received by the people he is attempting to videotape with a majority of them getting pretty angry by the interaction and many of them attempt to either physically assault him or to call the police or even to smash his camera. The most interesting part of the entire process is to hear the nameless man speak, which is rare. Often, the cameraman will say brief statements such as “I’m just taking a video” or “taking a video”, but sometimes he poses questions to the people who question him. One notable occasion was when the cameraman was taking a video of a man coming out of the store, the man asked the cameraman, “You know it’s illegal to take a video of me without my consent” to which the cameraman responded, “But you were just in a store with cameras videotaping you and you didn’t question it.” The man had no response, this occasion has led me to my overall topic of this post.

In today’s day and age, we live in a world where privacy is a thing of the past and yet people believe are so blinded to the fact of this. We as a society are monitored continuously whether it is the social media platforms we use, the websites we go to, the phone calls we make, the text messages we send or even the places we go, we are monitored. This is what I think is being brought up by this sensation, is that we no longer exist in a world where privacy is a right and that most of the time our privacy is being breached without our known consent (The terms and conditions are long and too often asked to accept). Although he is acknowledging this point of our society is one of the crudest ways possible, it nonetheless, sparks interest and anger in those that care to hinder government surveillance of our lives.

You can watch all his videos here:” target=”_blank”>

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