Response to Professor Arthur S. Keane’s Research Analysis

The paper titled “Students as Neo-Liberal Subjects: A Guide to How Millenials Learn Eighteen Talking Points” was very eye opening and interesting in my development of maturing and my college experience. While reading the document I noted many of the points being addressed that relate to me personally or that I can understand such as that students are in a vocational mindset or that students highly value relational teaching. This reading opened my mind to the extent of the college mind and allowed me to understand how I felt and how everyone around me felt as well.

That being said, there are some points addressed in this reading that make me scratch my head and wonder how conclusive these findings are, but like with most studies, results and survey’s are generalizations on a population rather than actually relating to all students.

One of the most interesting points described is the point on anti-intellectualism. I believe this point is accurate but also misled. While I do agree that their is a pressure to just “shut up and listen” to the professor rather than ask questions or answer them, at the same time in small classroom environments I believe that this type of behavior is accepted and encouraged by professors and peers alike. The study in a sense is bias to the large classroom environment, where it is often annoying to ask questions with 200 others in the lecture because it takes away from the teachings of the lesson and with many students not knowing their professor personally this adds a burden to the class structure and learnings.

Overall the points addressed in this study has helped to open my mind and to carefully analyze all situations for what they are and to not judge those who are trying to open up in college. It also has given me a sympathetic view of professors, who I have a great deal of respect for, rather than the condescending answers concluded to within this research.

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