Reinterpretation of Social Media: Revival of Facebook

Social media, like other forms of entertainment start off in society having a common purpose. When it comes to social media, there are no exceptions. Social media is prone to society’s influence regardless of the creators intended goals. With that being said, are social media platforms like Facebook actually dying or is it rather that users are bored of the norm associated with the platform?

My answer is the latter, many of the social media platforms are fantastic and reimaginings of their usage is exactly what is needed to keep their longevity. For example, Facebook is a platform that has since been replaced by Twitter by those who use social media most (teenagers and early adults), yet Facebook is still a fantastic platform if you use it outside of the norm. The norm during the prime of Facebook was not about reconnecting but rather it was posting nonsense statuses and getting likes. It was about uploading countless pictures and commenting on friend’s relationship statuses, being brothers with your best friend and being friend’s with your entire high school, regardless if you were friends or not.

In today’s day and age, this norm has been replaced by countless viral videos, spam, and changes to the interface and legal status (Facebook selling information to marketers) that have led to a downfall of users, but, it is this new age that allows Facebook to grow from a matured high school demographic such as myself. Facebook isn’t dead, it just needs to be reimagined. I now use Facebook to express my opinions and to read the news. By following a bunch of News Outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, XXL Magazine, etc. I am able to stay informed in the world without needing to go to the home page of these outlets and be lost. This new era of Facebook also allows me to actually reconnect with people that I have met throughout my life and not just add everybody.

Overall, the usage of social media is defined by the users, but just because a norm is no longer appealing does not mean a platform is dying but rather a new norm needs to be established that is beneficial to the platform.

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  1. sledani says:

    I agree that to stay relevant Facebook should, and has, changed the way it is being used. Like you said, Twitter has taken over the stronghold of random thoughts and postings. Now Facebook has become more than just these social updates, because it has become Twitter in the way that people share and comment about social, political, and global issues that they find relevant to their lives.
    In addition to this however, it has not lost its original goal of being a platform for staying connected to friends. I find that people have become much more selective of who they friend, only keeping legitimate friends and people they know as opposed to racking up acquaintances and random people in their friends. Now that we are getting older and achieving life goals, it has become a way to inform people of these things on a large scale, as opposed to having to call every friend to let them know good news. Facebook is generally the place I see engagement announcements/photos, wedding photos, and baby pictures. Like one of our readings said, it is a platform for this “ambient knowledge,” knowing things about people without ever speaking to them about it. I think this is Facebook’s biggest draw, and in fact is the reason why I haven’t deleted my profile. I like to stay in the know about people I’m friends with, and Facebook is usually the means through which I can do that.

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