Two Perspectives To Every Story

I stumbled upon this video on my Facebook page. Although it may not be from a very professional source, it toys with the notion of perspective, particularly in regards to those who are in favor of abortion and those who are very much against it. In this video, a man whom disagrees with abortion is accused of recording women as they enter the clinic. A pregnant woman on the street then lectures him on his oblivion to the sensitive and unique case of each individual woman’s story, reminding him that often times women become pregnant through rape. This clip made me think of how the practice of abortion and/or those who protest against it are portrayed in the media.

Some ideas to grapple with- is there an appropriate place for protestors to preach against abortion? Is the doorway to a clinic appropriate? Is it most effective? What ways is this issue shown through the media? With negative connotations? Neutral ones (certainly not)? What kind of effect do ‘real’ everyday clips like these have over their viewers?

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  1. sledani says:

    I think this is a really interesting issue to raise, and certainly an important one to think about. Anti-abortion protestors are notorious for being boisterous and in your face with their ideals and family values-based arguments. They certainly have the right to protest, just as anyone does. But the way in which they practice this freedom is abhorrent and truly despicable in my opinion. I am pro-choice and cannot conceive of people trying to control a body that is not their own. These protestors stand in parking lots of abortion clinics and hassle women who are in perhaps one of the most difficult situations of their lives, yelling and shouting at them when they are at their most vulnerable. I think they should have more respect for these women as human beings going through a crisis time, which many of them feel it is.
    The media often portrays these protestors as extremists, which in my opinion, they are. I think it is very difficult to report neutrally on such a polarizing issue, one people feel extremely one way or the other. I feel that this kind of video engenders a sense of sympathy for the women in this situation, which it should.
    Regardless of any media coverage or anyone’s opinions, I think protestors should have more sympathy for these women on a more basic level and should never record anyone going in or out of an abortion clinic.

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