Is Twitter The Lazy Method?

It’s 2014, a new day and age where almost everyone has some type of online profile. Think back 30 years ago, before most of us were born. How did people meet? Through Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Tumblr? No, they went outside and had conversations with neighbors, coworkers, friends of friends. Now, jump back to present time. How many people have you met online? Compare it to how many people you have met in the flesh in the last 6 months.

Too many people are too trustworthy of people they meet online just because they have the same interests. I personally know a lot of people who get on Facebook and Twitter solely to make new friends that live somewhere nowhere near us. But, honestly what’s the point? Why can’t we just go outside and make friends at the local coffee shop by starting a friendly conversation? Maybe this generation is too scared or nervous to walk up to a stranger and say hi, which is kind of weird but you might make a good friend. That person could end up being your best friend or you soul mate, maybe I’m getting too deep but think about it. Just take one day and close all your social apps, go outside, and make five friends that day. Call it a social experiment. We rely too much on twitter to help jumpstart conversations that could be had in person.

What happens when it’s your birthday and your parents want to throw you a huge party and tell you to invite your friends but all your “friends” live in different states. Now your party is ruined because you’re stuck with your mom, dad, and annoying little brother with food for 40 people. That’s just one negative scenario and this is just what it has to do with regular, daily life. Don’t you think we should get rid of social networking all together? Shouldn’t we just live like the old days?

Now, let’s talk about social media and journalism.

If you add the social media topic to journalism, it changes. According to Washington Post, 53.8% of journalists use microblogs, such as twitter, to put their story. Washington Post says journalists also use that for breaking news from other media outlets. Twitter is the most popular social media network for breaking  news because it can be the fastest way to stories that just happened. Now, how many of you use Twitter just for breaking news stories and updates? Using social networks can also expand your knowledge of news and what’s going on in not just your community, but in the world. Of course these are not the only two reasons we use social networks but these are two very popular reasons. So this means we have to keep things like Twitter and Facebook around, right? Don’t we need a way to learn about the news happening every minute?

What do you think? Should we just get rid these annoying, lazy websites? Or should we keep them around for journalism purposes?

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