A Generation of Robots

So much of what we discuss in class is about technology and how it’s affecting the journalism field. This class has taught me to really think about my own life and how much of a significant role technology has played. All of the Youtube clips and TEDx talks that we have watched in class have really made me aware of how technology and social media negatively impacting our society and the way we communicate.

As a journalist I really value talking with people face to face and the addiction to smartphones that has become a prominent trend in today’s society has made human interaction almost a thing of the past. In one of the TEDx talks we heard about the idea of being together while being alone and how technology allows us to never really feel lonely. Although smartphones have many benefits such as keeping in touch with friends we cannot physically see because of distance or keeping updated on our friends lives so that time apart will no longer be the reason for  friendships ending, smartphones also have harmed some of our relationships as well. We are so focused on keeping in constant communication with people we are not with that we often forget to maintain relationships with the ones we are with.

I have seen first hand in my life how easily people can mentally disconnect from a conversation even though they are physically there.  I think that it is important we remember how to be in the moment without our smartphones or iPads or laptops even if for only a few hours a day so that we don’t forget how to interact with each other in a world where new technology often consumes us.

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2 Responses to A Generation of Robots

  1. I completely agree.

    I have also found that even when I am focusing all of my energy on a conversation, the person I am talking to often doesn’t. It is frustrating to make a concerted effort not to check your own phone and then have the other person answer a text or check their Facebook without thinking twice about it. It just puts even more distance between two people having a face to face interaction by introducing distraction and sometimes even a perceived slight. Both people need to be willing to make the effort to have distraction-free communication, but some people don’t think that type of behavior is a problem. I’m not really sure how this problem gets fixed, but I think it would help to bring back cell phone courtesy, starting with ourselves, no matter how annoying it is to not have it returned.

  2. jennyschreer says:

    It’s funny because just recently, I lost my phone and I had to go a few days without one. It was honestly my worst nightmare! Like you said, we are so dependent on technology that we can’t even imagine life without it. It really does consume our lives. But you know what, it was actually quite relaxing to not have a phone for a few days. The first day was definitely the hardest since I couldn’t check my social media or text anyone, but it makes you really appreciate the people around you and makes your days simpler. I think it is very important for us all to realize that as much as we think we need our technology on hand 24/7, just putting a little bit of your time each day towards your friends and family (with no technology) is really a nice break sometimes. Like Molly said, I’m not really sure how we can fix this reliance problem, but we can all take little steps each day towards building better communication and interaction skills just by limiting use of our phones and computers!

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