An Older Generation and New Technology

In class last week we had a discussion about older people using new forms of technology and watched a few clips about this topic. During this discussion I thought about one of the readings we had in class “Aging and New Technology on the Job in America” and how there is a digital divide that is affecting the older generation. Although it’s funny to joke about adults trying to use new forms of technology like social media and smart phones, this digital divide has become a huge issue when it comes to adults finding jobs. I couldn’t help but feel concerned for people in my parents generation or grandparents generation who are limited in their job opportunities because of their lack of knowledge with social media.

At the same time I also think it is their own fault for falling so behind in a world that is changing so rapidly. Going off of what the readings from last week discussed, many older people are very capable of adapting to these new forms of technology but their fear of failing prevents them from trying. We also discussed in class how it will only get worse as new forms of technology are being developed faster and faster and the generation that we find it so easy to make fun of, could be us soon. There are already social media platforms that I am not familiar with as a 21 year old, and that is a scary thought for me. With the job market being so competitive right now it is important to keep on top of all forms of social media to keep yourself on an even playing field with those who are younger.

I think that it is important for older people to make a conscious effort to learn the basic social media platforms if they don’t want to fall behind and as hard as they make it out to be, with patience and help from our generation they could adapt in no time. In the future I think that this digital divide will no longer exist when most of the population will be made of people born into a world with technology and adapting to newer forms of technology will come as second nature.

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