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I find this tool that the Tampa Bay Times developed to be really interesting and exciting for the future of the press. It’s called PolitiFact and it fact checks claims made by politicians and others in our national discourse. You may have already heard of it since it has won a Pulizter Prize, but I find it to be a groundbreaking development for journalism.

Here’s an example

One Wisconsin Now, a liberal advocacy group, claimed that “The Walton family, which owns Walmart, controls a fortune equal to the bottom 42 percent of Americans combined.”

This seems a bit outrageous but PolitiFact deemed the statement “TRUE” adding that the percentage is in fact increasing. The site also displays a list of One Wisconsin Now’s previous claims and their validity.

This website provides a tool for people wondering what is and isn’t true in today’s national discussion. With the variety of media messages out there today and a lot of confusion about many of our national issues, there has never been a more important time for clarity in politics. PolitiFact does a great job in clearing some of the air. Do you think it is possible for more websites like this to appear? Beyond fact-checking, what is one tool that you as a newsreader would like to be able to have in navigating the Internet?

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One Response to Internet Tools

  1. It is really interesting how they developed a website that deals with such manners. How many times have we heard over and over again about people in politics being dishonest to the general public? Too many times. Beyond fact checking, I would also like to see a live feed on the Internet, where readers can weigh in on their opinions of a certain issue in real time and view other people’s thoughts.

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