Fake Social Media Posts

This past Saturday, Hollywood lost another star, actor Paul Walker, best known for his work in the Fast and the Furious movies. Many fans and celebrities shared their condolences on their social media accounts. Some news outlets have been tricked by fake accounts and using them as sources. A fake Facebook account claiming it was Walker’s daughter’s account was made and posting on how she was grieving with the situations. Unfortunately, the news outlets fell into the trap and referenced the account to later find out it was fake. I was in awe to see the accessibility that we have through technology and media to complete such actions. Not only has it allowed us to deceive the news outlets but it has provide us with a new form to cope with loss. It has given us the opportunity to share our thoughts with others on situations like this and in a sense pay our respects.

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One Response to Fake Social Media Posts

  1. eaabrams says:

    On the topic of the Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, who played undercover agent Brian O’Conner in the film series, I have been seeing posts all over every social media site. While loyal fans have used social media as an outlet to express their thoughts on Walker’s death and to express their condolences for his family, I still think that It is insensitive for fans to be writing about him so close after his tragic death. His family deserved a grace period to honor him and share with the world what really happened and instead news outlets were getting wrong information about Walker’s death from social media and other unreliable sources. While it is powerful to see how much of an impact Walker made on the world, it is a sensitive topic that should have been left alone for at least a little while after. Paul Walker’s death is just one out of many instances where social media has made a sensitive and personal tragedy into a public forum creating the opportunity for any kind of comments, some of which may be negative. I think it is sad that news outlets take social media posts seriously. Instead news outlets should use social media as just a guide or a tip in their research process Spreading false information can end up hurting people and it is the responsibility of journalists to share the truth with the public not share recycled information from Twitter and Facebook.

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