Journalism as Terrorism?

The British newspaper The Guardian is being threatened with terrorism charges in the wake of publishing documents outlining the NSA’s mass surveillance programs. The British government has already raided the Guardian offices and held reporter Glenn Greenwald’s partner David Miranda for lengthy questioning under the pretext of counterterrorism. Meanwhile, Glenn Greenwald has left the Guardian to join forces with eBay founder Pierre Omidyar in creating a new news organization with the goal of having a platform for ferocious investigative journalism. This article goes into greater detail than I can about what the company will look like but it is being built on the foundation of advanced technology.

Keeping in mind that Greenwald has yet to publish the majority of the documents he received from former intelligence contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, it will be interesting to see how the new organization navigates the apparently choppy legal seas on the horizon. 

What are the implications of labeling the publishing of classified material as “terrorism”? How do you think American people would respond to a news entity in the states being accused of terrorism? 

How has the Internet changed the process of publication? 

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One Response to Journalism as Terrorism?

  1. ebosco24 says:

    “The startup won’t insist that its reporters observe the conventions of what is variously called objectivity, impartiality, or viewlessness.”

    Do you think this is a promising thing for the future of journalism? Is it possible for journalists and editors to be completely impartial? Is that the best way to inform people? Do you think it would be helpful to you as a newsreader if you were able to understand where the journalist was coming from and what their views are when reading a story?

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