Amazon’s Prime Air

I just recently read up on Amazon’s Prime Air, which is a drone that will deliver products bought on Amazon to people’s homes. At first, I was amazed that this is even possible, but the more I thought about, the more I wondered if it really could work. What if the drone broke mid-delivery? Or some kids thought it would be cool to knock one out of the air somehow? Also, this would take a lot of truck drivers’ jobs away, which obviously wouldn’t be good. But at the same time, would Amazon lower shipping costs because of that? A major issue Amazon is dealing with right now is their worker’s poor morale and adding this drone will only make things worse. It’s fascinating how this new innovative technology brings up more questions than it answers and I am interested to see how this all unfolds and whether drones really will be delivering our products in a couple of years. 

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  1. eaabrams says:

    I also just started to read about Amazon Prime Air, which Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently announced could be available in the next five years and they would be delivering customer purchases via unmanned aircraft. Although the idea of receiving packages almost instantly seems like an innovative and futuristic and fun idea, there are so many problems,including safety issues that are standing in the way of producing these drones. Sending these drones over crowded public events is a huge safety hazard and if it were to malfunction and fall down with its eight spinning blades it could severely hurt people. Also these drones could kill birds flying close by and could possibly just be very unreliable if they break. I think ultimately these drones will do more harm good, creating an unsafe atmosphere and also taking away delivery jobs from truck drivers and other package delivery services. Hopefully Amazon realizes the safety issues surrounding this new drone technology before it is too late.

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