Change the way we cover tragedy?

     We’ve discussed different ways to cover events, debated the psyche of the American teen, gun use, views of women in the media and the impact of technology on younger generations. As we grow closer to finishing the semester, one of the things I thought about was how we decide to tackle these issues and not just deciding what mediums we can utilize. Although how we choose the cover the issue may vary from person to person, but how do we go about changing the culture? If we are dissatisfied with the way that the news is being covered, how do we as budding journalists work to help re route the course? 

Its interesting to talk about how journalism can adapt and how we can change along with it , but if we are recycling the same stories then the issue still remains the same.  One of the examples I liked that we talked about in class was the different crises that we often recycle as being isolated and unique cases. With more adolescents resorting to gun violence over the past few years, what are some of the ways do you all think that journalists should write the article that talks about what happens?

 In a previous blog post, I suggested that a part of changing the culture of just isolating these tragedies is pointing to larger issues; depression, violence in our culture etc. I think this is an important question to develop some answers to whether we are writing the articles or reading them. If we continue to cover these stories or accept the way they’re being covered, then how do we really come to any new significant information that made us better than we were before; assuming that the role of journalism is to share the truth. 

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