History in real time?

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time. The NY Times wrote about two Twitter pages that are dedicated to two historical topics, one being John F Kennedy, who was assassinated 50 years ago this Friday. This twitter account posts things that Kennedy said and did based on the date. So when they update their page on September 3, 2013 it’s really what Kennedy was doing on September 3, 1963.

This is a very unique look into our nations history. It’s almost as if this Twitter account brings JFK back to life. This is a great example of how Twitter can be used as a learning tool. I followed the page and I’m eager to see the updates the page posts on November 22.

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One Response to History in real time?

  1. psalazar07 says:

    This is very cool. I really like how Twitter is being used in an innovative and educational way. It could definitely help people who do not like to learn facts learn them in a form that they like. This should be done with other things and historical figures because the public can gain some great knowledge this way.

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