How Do You Cover a Championship After a Tragedy?

Last Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox won their 3rd World Series in the last 10 years. This came 6 months after the Boston Marathon Bombing. In their championship parade, the team stopped at the finish line of the Marathon and put the trophy and a “Boston Strong” jersey on the ground. What I want to know is how would you, as a member of the media, cover a championship with this tragedy as a background?


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2 Responses to How Do You Cover a Championship After a Tragedy?

  1. There is no doubt that, in this situation, that the Boston Marathon bombings would be a part of this story. It can be used as the platform for the entire season. It happened so early in the season that it became the fuel for the team to help the city. They weren’t just playing for themselves and the organization, they were playing for the entire city and they didn’t want to let them down. Athletes who play in Boston always talk about the passion the city has for their teams, I think in this story it is the other way around. The Boston Red Sox were so passionate towards the city of Boston that you can’t write too much about this championship without at least mentioning something regarding the bombings. Sports have always played a role in the aftermath of tragedy; The Mets after 9/11, the Saints returning to the Super Dome after Hurricane Katrina and now the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Marathon bombings. “Boston Strong” wasn’t just a phase the team went through for PR reasons, this team really took on that personality and it definitely is part of this story.

  2. Joey Saade says:

    As a reporter, I would feel that the the stories couldn’t have complimented another better than they have. Not saying the Boston Marathon story is great, it’s a tragedy that will live with the city forever. But the aftermath of the bombings included a deep search of faith from the city. Boston showed its toughness throughout the entire ordeal, showing that it would take a lot more than two senseless creatures to defeat the city. The Boston Red Sox were one of the outlets that people looked to. Although it’s been arguable over the past decade based on all of the city’s major sports success (Pats win 3, Bruins and Celtics 1 each), the Red Sox are still Boston’s team. The history that the team has carried with the city is almost un-matchable in the entire country. Sure, it could be a coincidence that the worst team in baseball last season turns around and wins the World Series the following year–the same year it’s city witnessed a horrific tragedy in its own backyard–but you can’t say there wasn’t a connection between the players and the residents of the city. There was such a close bond the Red Sox carried throughout the year, that it would almost be unimaginable if the Red Sox didn’t win the World Series this year–they were destined. There is no way you can mention the 2013 Boston Red Sox without including the 2013 Boston Marathon somewhere in-between. The two go hand in hand. There couldn’t have been a better way for the city to rebound after what it went through. If I was a beat writer covering the team, this entire story of the city in the past 6 months couldn’t be more exciting to be a part of.

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