A Different Approach to Digital News

This is an interesting article I read on Poynter about Dallas Morning News and it goes along nicely with past discussions. The News found that their subscribers do not find digital news as a replacement to print news. Unlike some newspaper outlets strategy of giving digital subscribers exclusive stories, the the News gives their digital subscribers access to more photos and fewer ads for $2.99 per week. What I found most surprising was that after polling their seven-day print subscribers, the News found that only five percent of them would be willing to give up their print edition for a digital edition for a price that would be 90 percent cheaper. This shows that subscribers of the News are not so much paying for the content, but how they receive it. In this case, that would be print.

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One Response to A Different Approach to Digital News

  1. kpodorefsky says:

    I agree that this is interesting. We talk so much about how to cater to people through technology, specifically online. When I tell people I am a Journalism major, a lot of the time they say something along the lines of, “Isn’t that a dying profession?” I always have to say “No, there are different forms of Journalism now…” and go on to explain about radio, TV, internet, media, blogs, etc, and even PR.

    I do find that people enjoy drinking their cup of coffee and turning pages of the newspaper, even though it is old-style. Newspapers aren’t a big investment, so it is possible for them to do it. Plus, newspapers are a great advertising medium, so long as people continue to buy the newspapers. It’s encouragement to keep ads coming, which keep the papers coming. Ads aren’t a burden or distraction for me in a newspaper. It’s just part of it to read, glance at, or pass over.

    Digital news is complementary to print in this way. It’s the new backbone to keep print. You can easily access and find articles online, but still have the option to stay traditional and read from a newspaper.

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