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What Modern Technology Does to Our Brains

Today’s class conversation about how ideologies affect technology, which affects memory and social interaction brought me to wonder more about this concern and how much the American society is worried about it. It seems to me that many people are … Continue reading

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The Controversy Surrounding the North Andover Volleyball Captain

In class the other day we discussed the story about the former North Andover High School volleyball captain, Erin Cox, and how we as journalists would cover the story. When we discussed the issue, our class was under the impression … Continue reading

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What Should Television Interviewers/Producers Do and Not Do?

As I was just catching up on some celeb gossip on Perez Hilton, I stumbled upon this video of Jenna Jameson, who did a live television interview on Good Day New York this morning. This segment got cut short due … Continue reading

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The media and the shutdown

Last week in class we discussed how different media organizations covered the government shutdown: how much time they spent focusing on it, what aspects they did focus on, etc. I did a little research on how the media feels the … Continue reading

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Is the next generation of youth in trouble?

In class on Thursday, we talked about the transformation of technology and how this has effected not only our generation growing up, but the generation below us as well. We grew up watching T.V shows and playing game-boy. We had … Continue reading

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The Problem With TV News

We’ve discussed in class a few times how poorly 24 News Channels, like CNN, cover big news stories and partake in Political Debate. CNN is not the only channel that has this problem, it seems that most do. NBC, ABC, … Continue reading

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A Different Approach to Digital News

This is an interesting article I read on Poynter about Dallas Morning News and it goes along nicely with past discussions. The News found that their subscribers do not find digital news as a replacement to print news. Unlike some newspaper outlets … Continue reading

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