We love to hate the racists…

From Poynter.org: “Too bad no one as powerful as BuzzFeed aggregated the most joyful reactions to Davuluri winning the crown.”

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One Response to We love to hate the racists…

  1. “For journalism to survive in this environment, professionals need to minimize the roar in the echo chamber and let the insightful revelations be heard.” I don’t think I could agree more with this statement from the article you posted above. If you go to Google right now and type in something like “Davuluri winning Miss America” I’m sure the majority of the articles mention something about the slanders that were being spewed about her on various social media, but you’ll find it much more difficult to find an article that mentions the tweets and posts that celebrated her victory. Why is this?

    In today’s society I feel like there are certain subjects that are certain to get a readers attention, and racism is one of them. For whatever reason when we hear about someone being put down, or criticized because of their ethnicity or race it immediately grabs our attention. The one thing I hate about the blogosphere is that many bloggers are worried about one thing: hits. As long as their pages gets hits that is all they seem to worry about. This is why you will see several web pages that pretty much just give you a recap on trending topics on Twitter, which was the case for the Miss America Pageant. I think as a journalist, it it your job to stand out from the blogosphere. It is your job to dig deeper than a blogger and show readers that an Indian-American woman winning Miss America isn’t news because of the distasteful comments people made about her on Twitter; it’s because this woman is changing the face of the pageant and should be applauded on her accomplishments.

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